Thursday, January 31, 2013

My Birthday Boy

My apologies for not posting yesterday as promised*.  I was a bit preoccupied celebrating a special little dude in my life who just happened to turn FOUR yesterday!

I have high hopes for four.  I think it is going to be a good year.

In heaven with his new remote control car, a gift from his sweet cousins!  

Enjoying his {coconut milk} ice cream at his birthday dinner :)

Sprinkles were a key ingredient for his cupcakes he took to school
This boy is a lover of cars, books, movies, let's not forget trucks and visits to the playground.  He is rather agile and quite good with balls (just joined his first soccer team in fact!), and oh how he loves to chase and be chased!  He's quite good with puzzles.  He rarely turns down an opportunity to help me with cooking or baking.  And speaking of food, while his diet may be limited, he is generally up for trying new foods (though he had some words for that asparagus spear on his plate the other night), which is such an encouragement to me.  He remains accepting of his dietary restrictions, though he has begun to ask more about foods and if "they have allergies."  (yes, that's my heart breaking right now.)  He is bosom buddies with his sister (except of course when he's not).  He simply adores his daddy and often asks when daddy will be home within an hour of waking up in the morning.  He is showing us more and more that he really has been listening when we've tried to instill in him good manners, and once he gets the fever, he can clean up his toys like nobody's business.
Lending a hand with sister :)

How awesome is his wall race track his grandparents gave him for Christmas?!
We've always thought of him as an introvert--and he probably is--but he has really begun to enjoy his friends this year.  This has been a joy to watch.  His sister should probably receive some of the credit for bringing him out of his shell.  He still may not love the spotlight, but he has warmed up to receiving attention this year for sure.  He struggles to process situations where he gets hurt or upset, and his tender heart has been moved by watching others feel the same.
Last night as a three-year old

Wade is so thankful for his dear friend and next door neighbor,  Joseph!
He can dress himself, and he wears big boy underwear all night long.  He prefers to be tucked in at night with a story and a song, but then he likes to fall asleep reading books to himself with his lights on.  While he used to never get out of the bed without our invitation, he now goes to the bathroom during the night if needed all by himself.
fun at the Magic House in St. Louis
Working on his soccer kicks!

He has grown so much, and we are so proud.  It was a happy birthday indeed.

Wade's teacher took this video at school yesterday, and I love it so much!  Watching him stand there, receiving attention with a confidence he didn't used to posses,  I am just so proud. {I told his teacher he was born at noon :) }

*I hope to be back tonight with a post up about selling on eBay!

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  1. I'm so proud of this sweet little guy too! He is my first grandchild and it has been so fun and heartwarming to watch him grow and develop for the past 4 years! And it's also been a joy to watch you, Anne as you parent him. You have taught him kindness, manners, and responsibility, as well as many other things. And you have disciplined him with consistency and love. But most important of all, you and Phil have taught him about the love of his Heavenly Father.
    It has broken my heart too, as I watch him be unable to eat certain "allergic" foods. But you have handled that with grace and always reminded him of all the foods he COULD eat. You amaze me at how you handle that day after day!
    Happy Birthday, my sweet Wader Tater! I love you very much.