Sunday, August 31, 2014

Progress on our Hall Bath

While the kids and I were in Virginia this summer, Philip took on the task of tiling the hall bathroom floor.  This was so great for a couple reasons.  First, our floor before was white laminate that looked dingy and dirty even when it was technically clean.  Now, it looks like this:

Second, like so often occurs, this tiling project catapulted our plans for giving this little bathroom a facelift.  Now, we also have freshly painted walls and a new vanity to boot!

When we set out to freshen up this bathroom, I settled on this beautiful space as my inspiration.


I painted the walls this color.  I found a vanity on Craigslist in San Francisco.  Naturally, I convinced my whole crew to trek down there with me a couple Friday nights ago so we could snag it.

This faucet just arrived in the mail.  I found this mirror at a local thrift store, and it's waiting to be hung. It's admittedly not consistent with my inspiration image but I've always loved it, it was $30, and I still think it'll look good. (Need to figure out what to do about the current medicine cabinet situation).  Still need to find a new light fixture to replace the granny-chic one we currently have going on.  Baseboard should go in within the next couple of days.

My current dilemna is whether or not to paint the vanity.  When we originally set out to select a vanity, I was thinking we'd settle on one of the lower grade options at Home Depot or Lowes, so I would definitely paint it.  However, the vanity we ended up getting is nicer than those, and really not offensive at all in its current state.  It's a nicer, solid wood, and the dark, espresso stain is pretty nice as is.  The thing is, nearly all the bathrooms I'm drawn to (a quick perusing of my bathroom pins told me this) include a painted vanity.  I feel like I'm leaning towards painting it (thinking this color would be a good match for my inspiration image).  What do you think?

Here are a few painted vanities for your consideration…






Sooooo, to paint or not to paint?!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Summer Recap

Well, Wade starts kindergarten today.  So as not to focus on the fact that my heart is currently in my throat, I thought I would share some of my favorite moments captured from our adventures this summer.  There are tons more (I am a bit snap-happy with my camera), but I'm not sure you have the stamina to read through the forty or so I whittled it down to as it is, so here goes…

Back in June, the kids and I worked on a painting for Mary Graham's nursery.  I LOVED it!  This was in the beginning stages…

We spent most of our summer back in sweet Virginia, where we visited family and friends and just soaked up the general awesomeness that is the Commonwealth.

So much fun to get to spend some time with grandparents and cousins in northern VA!  Just look at the faces on those precious children.

Fourth of July fun!

Mary Graham loved cuddling up to her Uncle Taylor during our time at the beach.  Had the best time hearing his crazy stories about being a landlord.  I need to laugh like that on a more regular basis.  We so wish he didn't live so far away :(

MG was also quite smitten with her Mimi.

I don't think this picture needs any words, but it was too funny for me to leave out. (that's a king-size bed, btw.)

Kiawah, South Carolina

Enjoying some quiet on the beach with my dad.  There is no one quite like him.  I love that he encourages me for major acts of bravery (like my cross-country flight with all three kids by myself, for example) by urging me to consider the life of Louie Zamperini (of Unbroken fame) and how, really, my troubles pale in comparison.  (And it's true, I have to admit.)

Who is this grown man I was like a little mama to all those years growing up?  He was never more than five years old in my mind.  Love him.

My two guys out on the water.  We had a great time, just the three of us.  I think having older kids is really fun. (I realize five is hardly "old," but you know what I mean)

babies + bonnets + beach = heaven

Mary Graham and my dad developed quite the bond.

My sweet Holland.  Every age of hers is my favorite.

Just a typical kind of day.  Philip carrying Graham like a sack of potatoes into the ocean.

Sometimes it's hard for me to believe that here I am, married and with three children.

Just look at these three munchkins.  I am blessed to call them mine.

One of Holland's strengths as a big sister is reading to MG.  She is quite remarkable at it actually.  I need to post a video.

I celebrated my 32nd birthday while we were in Virginia.  It was wonderful to spend the afternoon at the Ploughcroft Tea Room with almost all the women in our family (we missed you Megan!).

all the granddaughters!

Holland was SO excited to make my birthday cake.  She has no idea that her precious excitement over it was by far the best part of my birthday.

Sure missed being with Philip, but I made sure to get some birthday kisses from these goobers.

I am so thankful for these two women, my beloved grandmothers.  They are so dear to me and don't think I took for granted one moment that my children got to sit on their laps and get their cheeks kissed by them.

I had my first painting lesson!

Wrestling with Papa!  This instantly took me back to the day when my brothers and I were in their place.  And yes, Taylor and Andrew, I told Wade and Holland the secret to getting out of a vice! (breathe on dad, of course)

We had a picnic at the Peaks of Otter and walked around the lake.  It was a gorgeous night.

There is just something special about a grandmother with her grandchildren.

Papa and Mary Graham were early morning buddies.  Is there anything better than being able to pass your baby off to your dad so you can sneak back up to bed and sleep?  Fellow mamas, am I right?

Wade and his cousin, Nolan playing with trucks together.  Classic.

All my babies in the tub together!

Witnessing my children run through the yard at my parent's house on a beautiful summer night?  I wanted to hit the pause button.

We love you Mimi!

Holland has always been the crafty one, but Wade recently developed a love for coloring pictures.  It is really endearing.  (He will explain that he prefers to color when there is already a picture drawn, just so we're clear :)

And if Holland doesn't have it made, then I don't know anything.  I mean, look at this girl living the dream while her big brother pulls her along for the ride!

And with that, we bid farewell to summer.  Our journey continues at kindergarten…I hope to return soon with more to report :)