Tuesday, January 15, 2013

More Pretty Tables

I shared the story of my own kitchen table, so I thought I would post some images of beautiful old tables and the rooms where they live that inspire me.  As I looked through these images, I realized that most of these spaces show a long, rustic table being used in the actual kitchen space, as opposed to a separate dining room.  Perhaps I shouldn't have been so quick to slam my own 'eat-in-kitchen' :)

I love this neutral space.  Who would have thought to use basic metal shelving units in the kitchen with your pretty glassware but it totally works.  The mix of wood, white, and chrome feels simple yet polished.  
Source: twoellie.com via Anne on Pinterest

This kitchen has long been a favorite of mine.  Black herringbone floors, black lower cabinets and black doors give this space a coziness I adore. And that lantern is such a nice touch.

Again, loving the mix of wood with darker cabinets and splashes of white.  And how fun is that floor?!

Here, the addition of the rustic table brings a warmth to a cooler space that feels more modern to me.

You can't go wrong with classic Windsor chairs and an old wooden table.  I need a fireplace in my kitchen and a sweet little cat for cuddling.

Pairing the table with white painted chairs and white walls keep this room feeling fresh and clean.  

As I've said before, I think scouring Craigslist, along with local consignment/antique/thrift stores is your best bet for finding an older table with character.  The downside is of course the fact that you could end up waiting a while before you find the right piece.  But in my opinion, that's part of the thrill of the hunt! You know what they say about Rome!  :)  I read a blog post a while back by the talented Kelly Robson of High Street Market, where she quoted designer Betsy Burnham.  Apparently, Betsy would ask her clients if they wanted the design to be "good, fast, or cheap?  Pick two because you can't have all three at once."  I think this is so true!

If you find yourself in the camp of wanting something fast and nice, here are a few tables I love.

Restoration Hardware, on sale even!  but let's not kid ourselves, still not too cheap.  

Pretty turned legs at Pottery Barn

a good price for a new table, at Crate and Barrel

West Elm

I really like the gray wash on this one, also from Crate and Barrel

Gray wash again with parson's legs.  Though not quite as long, it reminds me a lot of the first one from Restoration Hardware, but $400 cheaper.

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  1. i do love a good table! have you see the tables that tommy sibiga was making out of reclaimed wood? love those too: http://tommyandellie.com/index.php/2012/12/04/turn-style-legs-table/