Thursday, January 17, 2013

Incorporating a Bit of {Faux} Fur

A couple people have asked about what's on the back of my dining room bench.  It's simply a faux fur throw rug that I picked up at Target on clearance for 20 bucks.  I grabbed it knowing I liked it, but not sure of where it would go.  Once I got home, something about the lines of the table and the bench, combined with the wood made me think this little friend might be right at home there.  I really like how it softens and warms up the space and brings in another texture.

I don't see mine on Target's website (it was a while ago that I saw it in the store), but good old Ikea sells a similar product.

Ikea's Faux Sheepskin

I guess I've jumped on this faux fur bandwagon because I've also thrown some into the mix on my sofa.

I posted a pic of some pillows on Instagram (I'm @abworthington) and some folks asked about them, so I thought I'd share my sources here as well.  The cream pillows with the jute trim are from Ross, as is the blue geometric pillow (a David Hicks La Fiorentina knock off :)  and the ikat pillow (yes, I moved it from the dining room and decided I like it better here :) I made from fabric purchased several years ago.  You can buy it by the yard here.  
I actually found the throw at Target too (this is funny to me because I don't generally tend to buy a lot from Target's home section).  It's part of their Threshold line, which has really impressed me. (unfortunately I can't find it on their website either, I think it was part of their "holiday line" :(  I personally think the trick to incorporating inexpensive pieces from mass chain stores is to use them in small doses together with unique and/or vintage pieces that you can't find in five stores in one city :)

Faux fur throws are everywhere, but I've yet to see another one that I like for even close to 30 bucks.  I would tell you if I thought this one was cheap and underwhelming, but I do not.  I love it and it is SO WARM and get this--it's machine washable!

They say fashion and design mimic each other right?  Well, look what I found (for $20!) at TJ Maxx last week!

Let's just say I was giddy.

Anyone else into the fur trend?

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