Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Monogrammed Towels

{Warning:  This post includes a tragic "before" photo that takes the cake for the "blandest bathroom" award.  Please proceed with caution :) }

By some amazing twist of fate, my husband has agreed that we can use some of our Christmas money we received as a gift to purchase new master bathroom towels.  We've had the same towels since we got married nearly eight years ago, and the prospect of fresh new towels has me very excited!  Adding a personal monogram to new towels?  This just about sends me over the edge.  Of course, spending the extra money on monogramming means the details of this decision need to be carefully considered.  I thought it would be helpful to me if I tried to organize my ideas, so I thought I'd share them here.

Before we go any further, I suppose I should give you an idea of the sad space where the new towels will hang.  With the exception of the plastic bath toys and the sink miscellany, this is pretty much how things looked when we moved in.

I know.  I tried to warn you.

Moving on to prettier things, here are some lovely images of monogrammed towels {and some really great bathrooms} that may help settle your stomach after what you just saw :)

Source: via Anne on Pinterest

I think the styles I am inclined to use for my new towels are 1. the circular shape (as seen in the above photo), or 2. maybe this diamond style:

Source: via Anne on Pinterest

with this last style getting an honorable mention:

I am thinking of going with classic navy in the master bathroom and maybe I'll sneak in a couple hand towels for our half bath (thinking maybe hot pink?  trust me.  it's another bland situation that could use a splash of color.)

I'd been planning to pick up some white towels from TJMaxx (love) that I could then have monogrammed.  I may still do this, but as I was searching for inspiration, I came across this deal from Horchow:

Source: via Anne on Pinterest

The monogram is available in navy and a set, which includes two bath towels, two hand towels, and two washcloths is only $57.90.  And monogramming is included!  They are apparently Egyptian cotton, which I know is good, but this price makes me wonder if the quality could be that great?  There is nothing worse than a towel that doesn't actually dry you off.  Know what I mean?  I hate using a towel that merely rubs the water around!  (please tell me someone else knows what I'm talking about!)

I'll keep you posted!

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  1. I second your emotion on bad towels : )

    I bought monogrammed towels from LL Bean maybe 5 years ago and they're great. They monogram for free if you have an LL Bean Visa (which I do b/c we buy lots from LL Bean and they have awesome incentives : )). The only caution I would impart your way is to be sure the initials you have work with the monogram style. I also LOVE the circular style, but an "L" (for Lucy) looks like a "G", which has bothered me since the day I bought it.

    Can't WAIT to see how it all turns out (especially the hot pink. I'm intrigued : ))