Thursday, September 24, 2015

Help a Sister Out! {Choosing Exterior Paint!}

I am in a major time crunch to pick the color our house will be painted tomorrow! Please, dear friends and readers, lend an indecisive lady your eyes and insight, won't you please?!

Everything has been pulled away from the house and it has been pressure-washed as of this morning!

I'll try to keep this short and sweet.  For various reasons, I've decided I want to paint our house a dark color.  Partly because I just want the chance to experiment with something different (and when you know you aren't going to live there forever, risky decisions seem a little less, well…risky.); partly because I think a dark, dramatic look may help our place stand out a bit.  In the absence of much architectural interest or charm (I honestly do not even know what style/era our house is?), I feel like a dark gray could add a little weight and gravitas to our humble abode.  I'm so excited to have it painted--once that's done, I've got big plans to spruce up the landscaping (if it will ever rain?!)

This discussion is for another post, but let these pictures serve as evidence that the struggle is real out here in Cali…we are in a drought, hence my sad "yard" where everything is dying.

I've basically narrowed it down to three options.

Option A is Benjamin Moore's Sharkskin, a grayish green.  When I look at the swatch on my house, in certain light, it reads pretty green, and I'm not sure if it's maybe too green?  But when I saw it painted on this house, I loved it and just had to find out the color.


Maybe a gray that has a little color to it (in this case, green) wouldn't be such a bad thing?!

Option B is Benjamin Moore's Kendall Charcoal, a darker gray with brown undertones.  Here are some examples of houses that have been painted Kendall Charcoal (at least according to Pinterest--hope the captions are accurate!).



source: Pinterest

Option C is Benjamin Moore's Amherst Gray, which feels the most like a true gray to me, with less undertones in it.  I was leaning toward going this route, and I think it's a pretty safe choice, but maybe safe is not always better?!


A couple things to consider--most everything will be painted whatever color we choose…there will be a little bit of white at the windows and around the garage (not pictured), but I've decided I want the trim at the roofline painted the same as the body of the house.  To me, a flat-roofed house doesn't do itself any favors by having the trim stand out.  I was thinking of having that little block of brick painted, but at least for now, we may leave that as is…

So, what do you think?!  Time is running out!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

My Talented Friend Carson

One of the highlights of my trip home this summer was getting to spend time with a talented friend and relative, Carson Price.  We officially met years ago when we both lived in Richmond and instantly bonded over our love of interior design and our shared affection for a local midwife, Nancy Giglio, we both used for our home births.  Come to find out, we are even related--third cousins once removed!

All of that to say, it was so fun to reconnect with Carson and get a peek at what she has been up to lately.  She has gotten back into painting, and I'm so glad she did!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this gorgeous painting of what I'm going to guess is the James River.  

She focuses on nudes, landscapes, and abstracts.

I love the way she uses color in her nudes.

These are just a few favorites I pulled from her website.  When I visited her at her home in Richmond, I could not help but snap a few pictures (with my phone…definitely not the best quality to capture how truly beautiful it all was!) of her lovely home!

What is truly amazing is that so much of what you are seeing are DIY projects Carson has completed.  You know you have got some skills when it looks like you paid a professional big bucks when really you whipped it out on the cheap!

That credenza?  She lacquered it herself!

Not wallpaper my friends…Carson hand stenciled these gorgeous walls.  Do you spy that nude over the potty?  Love that dark background...

She has a show coming up at Ruth & Ollie in Richmond on October 1 from 6-9 pm.  Her home is bursting at the seams with beautiful pieces that will be on display there.  As if I needed another reason to miss Richmond…

Lucky for me, I got to bring home a little piece of Carson with me to California.  Check out my very own Virginia-inspired landscape!

I love it!  The bright colors are so happy!

(To anyone checking out my bookshelves…of course I've read Systematic Theology, cover to cover baby..where is that winking emoji when I need it?)

Be sure to check out Carson's website and check out her work at Ruth & Ollie starting in October!