Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Trouble at TJ's

{Thank you all for your encouragement and for sharing in our excitement over our new house in Davis!  I promise pictures are coming soon :) }

When I say 'trouble at TJ's', I could be speaking of Trader Joe's--I am a big fan and have certainly gotten into my fair share of trouble there!  But this time, I'm talking about the Maxx.  You know, TJMaxx, the store for which the hashtag #maxxinista was created, of course.  

I just recently visited the one closest to the base out here in Fairfield, CA, and for whatever reason, I couldn't seem to stop myself from taking pictures of things I liked.  It's not that I was necessarily going to buy them; I guess I just feel compelled to capture beauty when I see it.  

I get a kick out of seeing what kind of things catch other people's eye; maybe you're the same.  

First up, we have this fun, geometric print pillow.  I think they had another shade in stock too.  $20 includes the down insert!  {Do you spy that polka dot print in the background?  I don't have a proper picture, but it did come home with me and is now serving as a great catchall for my kid's books in the car!}

Back to that pillow.  While not an exact match, it totally reminded me of the popular and classic, "Betwixt" pattern by Schumacher, which will set you back quite a bit more than the one above from the Maxx.

available here 

This little leather cube really spoke to me.  The price tag was missing, and now I'm kicking myself for not inquiring about how much it was.  It could be the perfect spot to prop your feet, provide extra seating in a pinch, or it could serve as a side table and hold magazines and a candle!  So long as the space wasn't already overwhelmed by wood and warm tones, I think this little guy could be a great addition to really any style room.

Speaking of candles, I think TJMaxx is a great place to find them.  I ended up buying this one to freshen up the 'ol temporary living facility--I liked the way it smelled (obvs), and the glass canister was quite chic itself.  Win-win.

This poof also called out to me.  I'm not completely sure what it is about it, but I like it, yes I do.

I have mixed feelings about this wreath.  What do y'all think?  I didn't get it (partly because I live in a temporary house where I'm sure I'd get in trouble for hanging a wreath).  I don't love that it's fake, but not all of us have access to real bittersweet berries, right?  I think it's a decent fake, but people like my mom will probably make a wreath with real berries and leave me dissatisfied with my fake one!

Moving on to the non-decor category.

I'm loving this infinity scarf I found.  And hey!  27 week bump alert :)  (Not visible:  maternity, compression leggings.  I am so over them!}

I didn't buy these shoes, but I did enjoy trying them on.

Let's see, what else...Also in my cart--a new pair of inexpensive sunglasses (mine weren't quite able to recover after I folded our stroller up with them in the seat :(, two sets of cupcake liners (I mean, why not?), a box of really delicious chocolate coconut bars for Wade (they taste like an Almond
Joy!), and this package of hot chocolate mix.

We wasted no time and whipped up some hot chocolate on the double.  Mixed with coconut milk, I was so very happy to see my dairy-free boy enjoy some.

Ok, so who else could spend all day in a TJMaxx?  I just think it's amazing that you can buy clothes, food, toiletries, and home decor all in one discounted place!!!  What are your favorite things to shop for at the Maxx?  

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Our Trek to California

I know it's been a while since I've written, so let me just start with a bit of exciting news, hot off the press as of two nights ago!

We are now under contract for a house in Davis!!!  (This photo is a total teaser, I know--sorry!)  We have a while till we'll be able to move in--more on that later--but we are so excited, and really just so grateful.

The move out of our Illinois house was horrific (I'll spare you the details, or maybe save them for a rainy day?), but thankfully the transition to our life out on the west coast has gone quite smoothly.  Aside from the fact that the cool mornings and evenings out here are really nice, do you know what I am just loving? The palm trees!  Maybe it's because I tend to associate them with being on vacation, but I just think they are so pretty and unique.  I have taught the kids to spot them too, so we are now all regularly on the hunt as we drive around town :)

Backing up a bit, Philip and I arrived in California almost three weeks ago.   My angel-of-a-mother flew ALONE (from Virginia!) with Wade and Holland two days later.  Before I get to more about our life out here, I thought I'd share some of the pictures of Philip's and my semi-cross country trip.

Despite the fact that we were in two different cars (my introverted husband admitted to enjoying this maybe a little bit...his extroverted wife, not so much), we really did have a fun adventure for the most part.

All told, we saw parts of Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, and finally California.  I had never visited most of these states, so it was really cool to get a taste of what they were like.

I'd say my favorite was probably Utah, where we stayed in an awesome hotel/ski lodge with amazing views!

Of course our trip was not without its hiccups.  You may recall that I started out driving the car I got when I turned 16, my 98' Honda Civic.  Love that car, but maybe not for a trek like the one we were on.

Philip was pulling a U-haul trailer (we chose to move some of our own things, in case you're wondering why we have a trailer at all) behind our Honda Pilot, but we grew concerned about exceeding the Pilot's weight limit, especially at higher altitudes.  So, naturally, we (and by "we," I really mean Philip) stopped and transferred all of the stuff we had in the 8x10 trailer to a U-Haul truck.  Philip then drove the truck, which pulled the Civic, and I drove the Pilot.  All in a day's work, I tell you.

Once we arrived in CA, we quickly got settled in our "Temporary Living Facility" (yes, that's the official name).  One of the great things about moving with the military is you have this option when you land at your new base.  Furnished somewhat like an extended-stay hotel, we can stay here for up to two months while we figure out a more permanent option.

Now let me just tell you this--I am grateful for this place to stay, but folks, this mama is itching to really get settled.  As nice as it is to have this temporary place, I am quickly tiring of the five spoons we have on rotation, the terrible excuse for a couch that is causing my butt to go numb as I sit here and type this (not even kidding!), and the washer and dryer which can only be used one at a time and take FOREVER AND A DAY to do their jobs.  There is real suffering around the world and clearly this aint that, BUT STILL.

I hope to be back soon with more updates, particularly HOUSE updates!!  Woohoo!!!