Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A new beginning!

This past summer, our family moved with the military to Scott Air Force Base in southwestern Illinois.  We left the first home we had ever owned in historic Richmond, VA (and oh how we loved that place!) and became renters in military housing.

Here we are a few days before we said goodbye to our sweet Rosewood house.

And here's a quick picture Philip snapped on his phone when we first saw the house we were assigned at the Air Force base.

Quite a change! We moved from an 80-year old home in the city to a 5-year old home in the suburbs!  While I'm thankful for our new (larger) home, and as much as renting has its perks (someone else fixes things for free!!), I have felt a particular urgency to make this new place our own.  We'll only live here seven more months, and frankly, military housing lacks the character and charm that our old house had, and so I have been on a budget-friendly mission to do what I can to make our house feel like a home!

I hope to share some of my experience with decorating our current (and previous) home here on this blog.  I've discovered that styling my bookcases and contemplating a new paint color for a piece of furniture is just where my mind goes when I'm feeling overwhelmed by the chaos of life at home with two small children.  Love them as I do, this mama needs a creative outlet.  Here's to breaking out of the mommy-fog brain!

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