Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Little Patio Peeks

Our patio still has a long way to go, and to be honest, I feel like I'm kind of losing steam (what with our move in about two months!)  I did plant some flowers, and it's pretty amazing what a difference a little green and some color can make.

I snapped these pics a couple days after I planted them and they've already grown considerably since then.  Fortunately, one of my children's favorite things to do is use our hose to water any and every possible thing in the yard, so my plants are receiving no shortage of water!

I have to confess that we still don't have an outdoor dining table.  It's been hard to pull the trigger on something since we don't know how the patio space at our next house will be configured.  I'm inclined to go pick up a card table and cover it in a pretty tablecloth just so we have somewhere to sit and eat!  We've been having some amazing weather for June, and it's such a shame to miss out on eating outside :(

Here are a couple pieces of outdoor furniture that are on my radar...

How pretty would this table be surrounded by these chairs?

And I can't imagine a space where a couple strings of these lights wouldn't be such a fun touch!

Source: target.com via Anne on Pinterest

I also really love teak furniture, so if anyone knows of a good, reasonably priced source, I'm all ears! (I heard that Costco once sold it, but it doesn't look like they carry it currently)

And if space allows, a nice grouping of chairs around a fire pit sounds just about right.

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