Thursday, May 30, 2013

Our California Trip

Philip and I just returned from a long weekend visiting northern CA in preparation for our move in August.  When we left for our trip, I was feeling rather anxious about the move and frankly, I was wishing we could get a quick switch of our flights and head to the Bahamas while we had grandparents watching the babies!  (still, a pretty nice thought...) I'm not sure I've ever been more happy to be wrong because we ended up having such a wonderful trip!  We spent some time in San Francisco, exploring the Sutro Baths (such a cool, under the radar spot!) and a bit of Golden Gate Park.  We enjoyed a delicious lunch overlooking the ocean!  I had my first In-n-Out experience.  We loved all the local flora and fruit trees (and even grabbed a couple Meyer lemons from the tree of a vacant house we toured :) We were especially enamored with Davis, CA, as we had anticipated.  Their Saturday morning farmer's market did not disappoint, and my wheels started turning about the chickens I intend to adopt once we get settled there :)  We ate yummy food, enjoyed leisurely breakfasts, and could not get enough of the amazing weather.  Seriously, it was perfection!  Sunny and warm but with a nice breeze that made for cool mornings and evenings with NO HUMIDITY.  We even made some new friends and generally felt very welcomed.  We did visit the Air Force base in Travis, CA but Davis really felt like "us."  The only question remaining is how we will figure out a plan for living there, as it is rather pricey.  Monday came before we knew it and we found ourselves heading back to St. Louis, thankful for such an encouraging trip and excited to see our little people!  My parents were so gracious to come and stay with them, and can I just say, for the record, how justified I felt when my parents (who have raised four children and are still raising a special needs son!) told me they thought I should hire someone to help me with the kids!  Those little rascals are no joke!! :)

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  1. Sounds like a fun trip! Isn't In-N-Out so good!?