Monday, June 10, 2013

Fun Frame Source

Last week, I received a fun little treat in the mail.  {side note:  I was particularly happy for this little pick-me-up because of the morning I had just had.  Trying to be the fun, adventurous mom I want to be, I packed my kids up with lunches for a "hike" that was about a 30 minute drive from our house.  No sooner had we started out on our little walk did my four-year old begin to break down in inconsolable tears over the heavy load of monster trucks that was strapped to his back.  Of course I suggested the rational plan of action--let's take your backpack back to the car and unload the dozens of trucks just so he could walk a little easier.  He refused, and so we promptly returned to our car for the 30 minute drive back to our house, having "hiked" all of 20 yards!  Serenity now!}

Moving on.  This beauty is small--very small--but I loved her from the moment I saw her while perusing one of my favorite etsy shops--Painting Well (I wrote about the shop here too.)

"The Way," 5x7, $30

"Slow Edge," 5x7, $30

"Pale Noon Rising," 11x14, $135
What also caught my eye this time was a photo the shop owner included with her listings for some really interesting frames.  You know I am all about some inexpensive framing options!

These frames are sold by the shop Signed and Numbered and are each hand built.  I love all the colors and the weathered look of the frames!  Don't they beautifully complement the art?!

10"x10" frame for $31.50

8"x10" for $22.25

8"x10" for $33.50
8"x10"s for $20.25
There are literally hundreds of options and sizes available, including custom orders.  What's great is you could totally use one of these frames for a high quality oil painting by simply removing the glass.  Of course you could leave the glass in place depending on the type of art you were framing.  They also sell frames with matting, should your piece need it.  As long as your painting is done on a standard size canvas, you are good to go!

Of course gold frames are always a safe bet when framing oils, but for a different, more casual look, I am definitely going to file away this shop for future use!  You can't beat these prices either!

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