Monday, April 29, 2013

Etsy Art

Etsy is a treasure trove of amazing artists.  The tough thing for me (and many others I suspect) is navigating the site, since there is just so much there.  I've found most of the artists I love through other blogs, so I thought I'd share some of my favorites here.  In turn,  I would love to know about Etsy artists you love as well!

I am crazy for the work of Clare Ellsaesser.  Love the moody feel of her paintings and her use of color.  I first learned about her work through Erika, and I can personally testify to how lovely she is in person!  I've had to pinch myself, as we have been in the process of working with her on a commissioned painting!  So exciting!  Will keep you posted :)  The prints in her shop, Tastes Orangey, are affordable and so beautiful.

 How amazing are the colors (again with the green!) in this giclee art print?!  11x17 for only $35!

Source: via Anne on Pinterest

I really feel that I need this archival print by Samantha French.  I was a competitive swimmer my entire childhood, so it only seems fitting.  Love the aqua tones contrasted by the black bathing suit too.

Source: via Anne on Pinterest

The art of Lisa Golightly is really lovely.  She captures children in such a sweet way.  Her etsy shop is called Kiki and Polly, and you can place a variety of different custom orders through her personal website.

Shop owner, dimdi, has gorgeous ORIGINAL watercolors of most any animal you can imagine starting at only $25 each!  Avocet available here.

I have almost pulled the trigger on a piece from the shop Painting Well multiple times, and now I am asking myself why I have not already done so?!  Her oil paintings are gorgeous and so reasonably priced.  All her proceeds go to benefit cancer research too.

Now it's your turn!  Please, please share your favorite Etsy artists!


  1. These are SO beautiful! And I've never seen most of these shops before. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Love love love. I want to hear more about your commissioned art :)