Wednesday, May 1, 2013

An Imaginary Sunroom

I mentioned how I've been enjoying helping my friend Lucy with decorating some of the rooms in her house.  It's definitely been a process, and there have been some possible fabric plans that we haven't gone with, but that I think are so pretty.  I thought it might be fun to come up with a little pseudo-decorating challenge for myself and try and decorate a room around some of the fabrics we've considered.

I loved this group of fabrics, but it just wasn't right for Lucy's den.  To me, the yellows and blues manage to be both soothing and cheery.  I see them in a light and airy space, maybe a sunroom?  Since it looks as though we will be living in a very small house (at least by American standards...) in California (more on that to come), I will most assuredly not be enjoying any kind of sunroom in the near future, but a girl can dream.

I thought the sort of loose geometric feel of the yellow fabric would look nice as curtain panels.

I'm envisioning the multi-colored ikat fabric covering a large round ottoman (the great thing about this ottoman from Ballard Designs is they will let you send in your own fabric for upholstery).

I love that dark blue leopard fabric for accent pillows on the pair of slipper chairs I found on Sacramento CA's Craigslist.  We should all know by now I love me some chairs, so I thought it would be fun to poke around on the Craigslist closest to where we'll be living come August.  The seller says these are Pottery Barn.  $380 for the pair is not bad at all, my friends.  Especially since it appears that you would need to do next to nothing (other than wash the covers just because you can!) before you settled right on in and made yourself at home on them.  Anybody reading from Sacramento? :)  Looks like they are still available.

A small gold accent table will give our space a nice metallic touch when placed between our pair of chairs.  Thanks to Melissa from Roost for the timely post on gold accent tables this morning!

I think the light bluish-colored nubby fabric could be pretty as upholstery on an accent chair or as a throw pillow on the sofa with this cording.

I don't have a picture I can link to online of that last darker blue fabric from the photo at the top of the post, but I think it could be a great choice for upholstering our bench.

I love the look of this rug.  It's made of jute and wool so it's probably really soft, and I like how the diamond pattern plays off our yellow curtain fabric.

Of course, every polished room needs some beautiful art.  How gorgeous is the painting by Michelle Armas?!  Given the choice, I'd love one of her original paintings, but this 36x36 giclee canvas would deliver a big impact.

As for a sofa, how about this classy number from Crate and Barrel (but manufactured by Lee Industries!)?  The rolled arms and the casters may just make my heart skip a little beat.  I'd replace the plain throw pillows with a colorful pair and maybe one or two more in our other fabrics.

I'm thinking behind the sofa we could use a console table (also found on Sacramento's Craigslist :)
Any chance you think the sellers could hold this one for me till we get out there in August?  It's made by Henredon, and please observe the herringbone pattern on the top!  It will be just the dose of natural wood that our imaginary sunroom needs!

On top of the console table, I'd place this pair of navy lamps (that I'm kind of obsessed with right now).

If space allowed, I think a slightly more modern feeling demilune table would be a nice addition.  I like this one from West Elm (it's on sale too!).  I think a pretty mirror would go nicely above it.

Oh, and who can forget paint for our walls!  Designer Christopher Maya describes "Glass Slipper" by Benjamin Moore as a grayish bue--"the blue of a washed out sky just after a storm has passed."  Consider this color on my personal list of paint colors I must use at some point in the near future.

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  1. Hey Anne! I LOVE this sunroom design! The ikat reminds me of one that I snagged at Old Time Pottery for $3.99 a yard.
    Have u checked out their remnant table yet? Teresa