Friday, May 17, 2013

Shared Sibling Rooms

As I continue to think about what life will look like for our family if we live in a {relatively} smaller home, it seems pretty likely that Wade and Holland will need to share a room.  I'm thinking for the most part, the two of them will think this is pretty sweet.  And aside from the adjustment period that will almost certainly involve frustratingly long bedtime routines (who am I kidding?  we already have frustratingly long bedtime routines!), I'm hopeful that this could be a really good thing for them.

When it comes to decorating a room where both genders are involved, I feel like it's tougher than you might think!  Here are some rooms that are inspiring me as I think about how to make this work...

A neutral space with a good dose of natural wood would work for both genders.  I love the pine (?) pieces in this room--they add such a sense of age and warmth.  White, cream, and some ticking stripe make for a classic combination.

Source: via Anne on Pinterest

The room above is also pretty clean and neutral, and while it would certainly work for a boy and a girl, I feel like it feels a bit masculine.  Everything is basically white + an interesting rug.    Note to self:  love the seagrass baskets tucked under the bunks!

This room is obviously rather sparse (and therefore unrealistic for my purposes!) but I do like the idea of using buffalo check in a gender neutral color...

I really like the light gray/blue/green wall color in the room above.  While the fabric on the windows is blue, I feel like the pattern (sort of floral?  hard to tell exactly) lends itself to being used for a little girl.

This room is definitely cool, but it feels pretty boyish right?

I have loved this room for a long time.  Such a fun, collected vibe with lots of color.

That printed fabric looks super cute--does it have animals on it?!  The plaid blanket and the black and white stripes on the floor work so well too.

Another colorful, collected space.  Stripes on the bed are cute.  And how about those individual bins? (for laundry? or toys?)

Finally, Abby posted a very timely design board on her blog.  I'm loving the green and blue color scheme and the cute watercolor art above the beds!

I'll keep you guys posted about my plans!

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  1. Hi Anne-
    Thanks so much for sharing my design board! I actually share all the sources here if you're interested in any of the pieces. Good luck! ;-)