Saturday, February 9, 2013

Valentine's Day {Feeling Inspired}

I've never done a whole lot to decorate for Valentine's Day, but I do love the idea in theory.  I think it just seems to sneak up on me, what with Wade's birthday falling at the end of January.  Before I know it we're into the second week of February.

With five days till V-Day though, I feel like if I can get myself in gear today, then maybe my efforts will be worth it and we can have a bit of festive cheer round here.

Namely, I'm thinking we need a Valentine's Wreath.  There is a ton of inspiration out there, but here are a few I like.
I adore the boxwood, but don't know where I could find it...

Who hasn't seen these ornaments at thrift stores?  So wishing I had picked some up because this is so cute!

Last year, I made one like this.  I spent FOREVER hot gluing the candies on the wreath form.  Then, I hung it in some sort of rigged up fashion and wouldn't you know the darn thing fell to the ground and broke.  DIY fail.
Please observe the proof.  (The bags were part of a little Valentine's Scavenger Hunt the kids and I did.)

Last year, we made these Valentines.

Easy and cute!
I this this is a really fun idea too.

Hot Chocolate on a stick!
How precious is this?

I'm also feeling like some heart-shaped garland could be a nice touch.  Wish me luck!  I'm off to the craft store!

ps. More ideas on my Valentine's Pinterest Board :)

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  1. Love those ideas, Anne! I'll bet you're having fun doing some crafting with your kiddos too :).

    P.S. I nominated your blog for an award - come on over to my blog to see!