Monday, March 23, 2015

The Nursery: To Paint or not to Paint...

Y'all know I like to paint walls, furniture, etc all the things, and I'm currently fixated on Mary Graham's nursery.

For some reason, Blogger is not accurately depicting the colors in the room.  The pinks (in the crib skirt, rug, and pillow)  are brighter in person.  Annoying.

This shade is more accurate.

I'm trying to decide if I should keep the walls as is (Benjamin Moore's White Dove) or paint them a cozy blue/green.  I was feeling the clean, white vibe until I saw this image, which I have not been able to get out of my head.

via Style me Pretty

I love every last thing about this space, so there is really no need in listing all the delicious details.  Just know that it makes me feel warm inside, and I love it all!  And hey--my rug looks like it could be related to this room's rug, right?

Best $10 spent at a great little junk shop in O'fallon IL. 
I do realize half the wall is wainscoting in my inspiration room so there is quite a bit of white too…but I sure do love that wall color.    It looks to me like it is perhaps a grasscloth wallpaper, but I feel like I could achieve a similar look with a can of paint.

Benjamin Moore's Palladian Blue perhaps?

Or even Benjamin Moore's Wedgwood Gray.

Again, color not translating well onto Blogger...

What do y'all think?  Time for a change (I'll be honest, change is just kind of fun sometimes in its own right, you know?) or should I leave well enough alone?


  1. It looks beautiful as is, but that paint color sure is tempting! I guess it all depends how much you really want to do. I think either way it stunning!!!! Also seeing your rug makes me so sad that ours gor ruined in the house flood awhile back. Had to throw it out. Ack.

  2. Love that pink gingham bedskirt - and the way you layered the rugs - so clever! I vote paint!

  3. Paint paint paint!!! :) Such a cute room for MG! :)

  4. I vote paint, too! I think you'll love doing it and will enjoy glancing at it every time you walk by her room. :) I like the Palladian Blue color, but maybe the grey would be better for resale?