Thursday, February 5, 2015

Give and Receive Art

Back before Christmas, when Philip and I were thinking through gifts for different family members, I became really excited about a few pieces of art that I thought would be just the thing for some of our loved ones.

We gave this cool nautical print of Charleston to my brother (this brother :)   
Don't they say something about how it's common to want to give to others what you want to receive?  I think I realized that was the case because I stopped whatever it was I was doing, looked at Philip and said with the utmost seriousness, "I want to give art!  And I want to receive art!"  It was probably the kind of thing you where you had to be there, but just trust me, it was quite funny.  Even I could admit that it sounded rather strange, but what can I say?  I tell it like it is.  I wanna receive art! :)

We got this print for my brother, Andrew, who graduated from Virginia Tech.  Ellie Sibiga did prints of several Virginia colleges right before Christmas. 

In honor of my desire to receive art*, I am going to share with you one of my new favorite artists!

I was introduced to Hayley through Instagram (oh how I love thee).  I stalked looked through her pictures, and I was blown away by her work. I clicked over to her Etsy site and found even more goodies.  In fact, thanks to a little anticipated tax refund moolah, I am hoping for my very own piece from Hayley!

I love the faces and people she does.

"Swimmers" (I spent so much of my childhood swimming, so this one really speaks to me.  In fact, part of me thinks I really should buy this one, and now I'm posting it here so I'm kind of afraid one of you will buy it instead!!)

Find this striking face here

I love the color combinations she uses in her floral paintings.

And I'm crazy for her abstracts!
"Dream Sequence"

Her prices are really affordable too. Really can't be beat for original work.

found via her Instagram (@hayley_km)

*I actually was the recipient of some treasured pieces of art for Christmas!  I hope to share them here soon, just need to find the chance to take some photos!

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  1. I want(ed) to give and receive art too! It is such a wonderful present and it is the thing that I need and want the most in my house! And your brother is so cute - I'm in Birmingham, AL - wish I was closer and you could "set us up!"