Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Are You Ready for Halloween?


Wade's preschool class has apparently been discussing the number of days left until Halloween, so I've had my four year old's persistent reminders to keep me on my toes :)  However, seeing as how we have been in this temporary place for the past two months (!), we haven't done much at all in the way of festive decorating.  It's really a bummer too, because I love to see how excited my kids get by even the simplest decorations.  

Here are a few Halloween ideas to maybe spark a last-minute plan or simply to get you in the spirit of the day :)

I recently made this pumpkin soup, and it was really easy and tasty!  I used coconut milk to keep it dairy free, but I'm sure it'd be great with some good 'ol whipping cream!  



I'm a sucker for most things involving candy corn.

again with the candy corn, this time involving popcorn!

I spotted these at a local coffee shop and thought the witch's fingers were too perfect!

Our new Halloween treat bags came in just in time!  I'm obsessed with them.  They are personalized on the other side, and they were a steal!  I know these two are very excited to fill them with candy!

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