Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I Love Green

I know I talked about my love for green in my post about my chairs.  And maybe it's something about Spring (that keeps teasing us as if it's actually here to stay...for the record, I am not okay with the fact that I had to wear a down coat this morning and it is nearly May!), but I just can't seem to get green off my mind.  I love it in nature, I love it in small doses, I love it painted all over the walls.  I am convinced you really cannot go wrong with good 'ol green.

The bright, almost chartreuse color in these beds is so unexpected and yet it's the perfect little pop in this otherwise rustic and neutral room.

Source: via Anne on Pinterest

This house is gorgeous in and of itself, but the lush green landscaping is the element that puts me over the edge.  Black+white+green=perfection.

Since having come across this front porch, I am now convinced I need a painted white house with a kelly green door.  I'll take the cute little planters too.

Source: via Anne on Pinterest

This emerald green velvet sofa is just so elegant.

This shade of green is cozy and comforting when used all over the walls and trim!
Source: via Anne on Pinterest

Buffalo check is fresh and modern in this light apple shade of green.

Source: via Anne on Pinterest

Peter Dunham's Fiddle Leaf Fig wallpaper is so so good in this bathroom.  (Do I spy a bathrobe made out of the fabric?!)

I adore these glossy green lamp shades.  So perfect with the mix of pillows and even that little ball of moss!  {See the grapes on the table?  What do y'all think about that?  I'm betting those are glass, and I know it's a thing some people are really into.  I'm having a hard time getting behind it...}

Source: via Anne on Pinterest

On the other hand, I'm totally into these emerald green studs.  

Source: via Anne on Pinterest

When paired with navy and white, green feels classic and preppy.

The perfect muted shade of green takes this traditional bedroom up a notch.

 via Anne on Pinterest

These last two images are favorites of mine that I can't get out of my head. I love how the bright green curtain adds such a colorful dose of elegance to all those beautiful books!

And this dining room just feels so springy!  That light, grassy green still feels dressed up when paired with the traditional table, the sparkly chandelier, and the gilt mirrors.  I absolutely adore this room.

Anybody else loving green these days?!

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  1. You know how I feel about green. :) I love that curtain in front of the bookshelves. Do you think they pull it closed? Just thinking about my bookshelves in the play room ...