Friday, April 3, 2015

A Tale of Two Coffee Tables {Part 3--The Big Reveal!}

The wait is over, my friends.  Are y'all ready to see my new coffee table*?  I love it so much, and I hope you do too!

It's always nice to remember where we started, no? (Part I and Part II for reference :)

And here she is after I brought her back to her life!

It's rather nice to have a shot of my table with neat and organized piles on top of it.  One forgets what that kind of order looks like without the pictures to serve as a reminder :)

I am so happy I stayed the course and committed to my original plan to strip and stain vs. paint.

As you can see, I have plenty of painted pieces.  I think the new coffee table is just what the room needed.

I just love that yummy walnut stain!

You can also see that I went with one long bench cushion on my new sofa (I posted about that dilemma HERE), and I am pleased to report that we have been so happy with it.  In the absence of a guest room, it comes in handy as the bench cushion almost feels like a bed.  I have also been impressed with the Sunbrella indoor/outdoor fabric I chose for the sofa.  It cleans up really nicely with soap and water as I had hoped.

One last before and after photo of the table that consumed my life for many weeks:

Many thanks to those of you who cheered me on when I felt like giving up!  Once I finally removed all the old paint, I really enjoyed the process of staining the table, so I plan to tackle some similar projects in the future.  Next on my list though is painting both of my bookshelves white….

*disclaimer:  my living room is never this clean and/or organized.  These pretty pictures are courtesy of a kind friend who came by and picked up my older kids while MG napped (Hi Michelle!), which allowed me to tidy up.  


  1. Beautiful! and hey! I have that book about introverts too.... :)

  2. Shut up!! I mean I'm happy for you, truly, because that coffee table is the find of a life time. But, I'm also jealous - Sacramento - I could have conceivably done that trip. LOVE how you sanded and stained it!! If you'd like to part with it one day, my hand is raised high. 😀. It is perfect for your space though! - kate collins

  3. Love how the table turned out! Can you tell me more about your sofa. I'm shopping for a new one and this is the exact style I want. :)

  4. Looks worth all the hard work. Love the shape and warmth it adds to your (beautiful) room!