Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Our Illinois Living Room

I've meant to share some pictures of our living room here at Scott Air Force Base (if I haven't explained before, we live in base housing that's not technically on the base) for a while now, but you know, with all the living happening in there, I just couldn't get myself motivated to take the time to straighten it up and photograph it!  I was finally motivated to do so yesterday, as I've got a potential buyer coming to see my sofa, so I knew I needed to document the space (for my own memory's sake!) before a major piece is eliminated.  Fingers crossed they like the sofa!

Two quick things I want to mention:

1.  As referenced above, of course I cleaned up this room before I took the pictures!  I share that lest anyone come away reading this wondering how I manage to keep my house so clean with two kids running around.  I have two kind ladies come clean my house every two weeks and it still looks messy most of the time.  Just ask my husband :)

2.  Yes, one of my curtain rods is totally wonky and hanging half way out of the wall causing my drapes to hang crooked.  Haven't you heard that's the latest trend in window treatments?  Not really--truth is, my kids like to play hide-n-seek in the drapes (I've since forbidden it) and pulled on that one a little too hard.  Seeing as how we've moving so very soon, the rod has remained in this chic placement for a good month or so.

Here are two pictures of how the room looked when we first got the keys. Also, my children have grown so much in a year, especially Holland!

And here's what it looks like now:

With the exception of the coffee table, all of the furniture is from before we actually moved to this house.  Most of what you see is the result of buying things I loved, so long as they met my budget constraints.  While the house itself lacks a plethora of character, I have to say I have loved the spaciousness of this room and the fact that it is bathed in natural light. It has been a good room to live in, and it's really hard for me to believe it'll all be packed up in a few week's time!


  1. It looks great, Anne!! I love all your pieces, especially that gray ikat chair :). Hope the move goes smoothly! We'll be out in CA near your new neck of the woods in a couple of weeks :).

  2. Lovely!! I have to ask - are the hydrangeas on the coffee table real or silk? They color is gorgeous and goes so well with your green chairs.

  3. A really beautiful, eclectic living room. Thanks for sharing!