Sunday, January 25, 2015

New Bunk Beds!

We made a big change to Wade and Holland's bedroom over the weekend…we finally installed their new bunk beds!

of course little sister had to get in on the fun!

If you recall, their room used to look like this.

Switching out their separate twin beds for bunks was motivated primarily by the need for more space.  Their room is tiny.  Our house is quite small.  And we've got an increasing number of legos taking up residence on all of the surfaces in it.  So, operation bunk bed was the first step in creating some space in the room for the legos to hopefully find a consolidated home!

The kids were so excited about their new bunks!  Holland especially was just giddy as we were putting them together, bless her little heart.

Y'all, do you see my children cuddling together?! It was completely unprompted!  My heart!!!

The bunk bed is by Ikea and is about as budget-friendly as they come.  And I have to tell you--aside from having a true custom bunk room, this is my favorite of any retail option I've seen.

I painted ours Duxbury Gray by Benjamin Moore (and yes, it took forever. Our back yard has been covered in the pieces of wood for weeks, while I used the incremental bits of time I have for this sort of thing to go out and put one coat on, wait till it dries, sand it, paint the other coat.  Flip and repeat.)  The walls are Horizon, also by Benjamin Moore, and I liked how the Duxbury worked with the Horizon in here.

For now, I stuck a Persian rug I already owned on the floor, but I think I'd like to get something a little more fun, and ideally a little larger.  Aside from their shams, there's not a whole lot of other pattern in the room right now.  Well, except for their little art wall I made.

Ahem…someone likes to remove the bows from their handy little holding place!
I'm inclined to go with a striped rug because 1) I just really like striped rugs in a kid space and 2) I feel like it would work well the trellis pattern on the shams + the check on the lampshade.

Here are my top picks to spice up their floor, all from my favorite place for rugs,

Striped Rugs for Kids Rooms


  1. Love the bunk beds - especially painted gray! I like both multi-colored striped rugs - maybe the last one a little bit more. Fun!

  2. How fun is this! Both the kiddos would love bunks, but they technically don't have a need. Love the color too!

  3. I love reading your blog! I just wanted to mention that I was in Pottery Barn kids the other day with a friend and we noticed that they had display rugs for sale at super discounted prices. They needed a little cleaning from a rug doctor (or something), but were otherwise very cute, good quality, and affordable!

  4. love this! paint colors are great. Rugs are great too. I really like the cosmo rainbow rug.