Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Summer Grace

Thank y'all so much for all the kind words about our new kitchen!  Each and every comment meant so very much to me!  I hope to post the details about the kitchen soon.  In the meantime, I need to talk about my babies.  

So, (pre) school is officially out, and summer is here!  As much as the few hours of Mary Graham and mama time are nice, I have actually really enjoyed the leisurely pace of our mornings these past few days.  It has been nice to put MG down for a morning nap when she is actually tired instead of once we have gotten back home from preschool drop off and I have dragged her sweet, tired self all over the place first.  Of course I appreciate some time to myself as much as the next mom, but God has been gracious and these first days of summer have felt more manageable that I anticipated.  Dare I say I have actually enjoyed them :)

Mary Graham's first swim (besides her birth, that is :)
Mary Graham's first time swinging!  Lovingly pushed by her big bro, what could be better?

Holland absolutely loves having me paint her nails.  I must have really driven home the part about not touching anything when your nails are wet because she promptly asked me to "scratch my forehead really hard."  When you have an itch, you have an itch!
This is her "I'm too sweet to go to sleep at a reasonable hour" face.

In the days since summer began, we have visited the park.  We have run errands.  We have ridden a train and a carousel.  We have worked on Father's Day treats and baked muffins.  Wade and Holland have played together so nicely.  They have also fought over the silliest of things and I have been impatient and harsh.  I have had moments of thoughtful parenting and I have had my share of parenting moments I would rather forget.

It could be that kindergarten looms in the Fall for my oldest (I can feel my heart in my throat as I type that), but I am feeling more and more what people have always said about mothering young ones--it goes by so fast.  Mary Graham is nearly six months old.  Holland is so mature and amazes me every day with the things she says and does.  And Wade is headed to kindergarten in mere months.  I know it sounds corny, but the time when my children are all really small just seems to be like sand slipping through my fingers.  

Very excited about their new jammies from Mimi!

I don't want to waste that time stressing out about the little things.  I don't want to fret over what I have or haven't gotten done since there's no preschool to provide me some free time.  I don't even want to get hung up on how much I think I need a creative outlet (this blog is supposed to be part of that…) in order to be a better mom.

rolling around on the floor at Staples.  Clearly, I must be doing something right...

last day of pre-k :(

Big Sis reading to Little Sis
I want to find joy in the seemingly mundane moments we spend together.  I want to be content with the life we have together right now.  I don't even want to wish away the nights when I am awoken by the sounds of my baby who knows I will attend to her, and I am the only one she wants.   

She started out on a playmat…I turned away and found her far away…it will not be long before she is on the move!

These days when they feel the need to come find me just to tell me they need to go to the potty are fleeting.  Hearing one of them ask the other if they want to go play dollhouse?  It's so normal right now, but it won't always be.  How many summers will they dress up in costumes and dance around together?
These were their best "we don't want to go to bed" looks...
please note this is a DOLL jog stroller...

I'm going to do my very best to hold onto these thoughts when the days start to go downhill…because they inevitably will.  But I know I am so blessed to be the mama to these three, and I want to live that way.  

Cheers to you, summer.  Cheers to time with my babies while they are an age they'll never be again.  Cheers to growing in grace with one another. 


  1. Anne, I love this post. I might even read it again when things get hard for me this summer, too! Our babies really are "an age they'll never be again" and should be cherished. That said, I'm going on a two-day, 14-hour road trip with them tomorrow and may have some non-cherishable moments! Love you, Sister, and I miss the days you used to drop by my house at your wit's end!

  2. I feel the same way!!! Myles is starting first grade in the fall and the girls will be in pre-k - the "trenches" are starting to fade into the background - it's bittersweet! My summer has been a bit hard so far, but I feel the same way, and it really changes my outlook on the tougher days. Keep enjoying those sweet ones - it's obvious they enjoy being with you!

  3. I just tried to comment and I think it ate was trying to say that I feel exactly the same way! Though my summer has been a bit stressful so far, I, too, feel like the "trenches" of parenthood are fading into the background and it is so bittersweet! My babies aren't babies anymore! Even when it's hard, I really love this time because I sense so keenly that it's coming to an end. It's a gift - I'm so glad I got to be present for it. Thanks for sharing these sweet thoughts and pictures!!

  4. I could have written this post myself (minus kindergarten). Crazy how equally sweet and stressful this season can be. And I love that E and Holland are gap-toothed twins :)