Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Master Bedroom Progress and Plans

I hesitate to put pictures of our bedroom in its current state on here, but I wanted to show you all our new shams I mentioned the other week.  And also, for me at least, much of the joy of decorating is the creative process, figuring out the pieces of the puzzle if you will--and so it only seems fitting to share the journey, including the early stages.

I'm noticing that these pictures make the wall color look darker than it does in person...
As plain and boring as it may look right now, my new shams do make me quite happy!  I got them on major sale at Lands End (here is a link to them--they are no longer on sale and have since improved the fabric, according to the description.), and here is what I will say about them:  They are soft, the embroidery and monogramming are both done well, and I really like the style.  Here are my two critical observations, for those who may be considering them.  They wrinkle very easily (I know this because my five year old likes to build a fort with them and wrestle on them and do all sorts of things that I might imagine would honestly wrinkle even the most wrinkle-resistant items!) and the fabric is so soft that the edges don't stand up quite as much as I'd like.  It makes the rope detailing around the edges a little less pronounced.  But for less than $50 total, I'm calling it a day on my shams.

  • Here are my plans (as they stand today…always subject to change of course!) for the rest of the room:

  • Add a big bolster pillow in front of the shams to bring in some pattern/color.  I'm planning to get a couple samples from the new Tilton and Fenwick line for Duralee to try.  Right now I'm leaning towards soft blues/greens.  
  • Get a headboard.  Saving up for this…I have a few possibilities in mind.  
  • Paint bedside chests to match.  I'll probably keep the same color that's on the one on the right, but it needs a fresh coat in a bad way.
  • Add matching bedside lamps
  • Hang set of bird prints (already own) above bed
  • Bring in 8x10 rug (bedrooms need rugs!  It's no fun stepping out of bed onto a cold, hard floor :(
  • Drapes for the window.  I don't really have a plan right now…

I already own these two bolster inserts, so I figure I'll try and rig them up to be one long bolster to avoid buying a pricey feather-filled long one!

I was recently introduced to the site Polyvore.  Have you heard of it?  I'd seen their fashion boards before, but you can create Home boards too.  Really quite fun for those of us who do not have Photoshop but would like to see our ideas together in one place (you can even add your Pins from Pinterest if you want to see what they will look like in a room mock-up.)

Some of the things on my board aren't the actual pieces I own, but I tried to give the overall feel of what I hope to achieve.

Master Bedroom Plans

Table lamp

West Elm rug

Duvet cover

Pottery barn bedding

Surya wall art

Bed frame

OKA white wood dresser
$1,355 - okadirect.com


  1. It's looking so good! Love the plans too. I found my large bolster at Homegoods. It was an ugly covered plaid bolster, but it didn't matter since I was covering it anyway.

  2. This is such a beautiful mood board. Love the shams! Very elegant.