Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Why Hello There.

I am in the thick of what feels like the craziest, most stressful season of life I can recall.  I am so grateful to be able to tell you that we have in fact moved into our new house, but seeing that we still lack a fully functioning kitchen and I'm surrounded by boxes everywhere, to call it a "home," well that still feels like a bit of a stretch.  Granted, we are getting there, but progress is slow.  

Oh, and did I mention I am now full term with this little one?!  

Don't you just love my new fashion accessory--my maternity band that's supposed to help combat false labor contractions!  
Frankly, I think I may go into shock when this child is born.  How can it be that I am this close to having another baby?!  Shouldn't I have another good two to three months left?!  I feel very unprepared (in a number of ways!) to mother a newborn right now...suffice it to say, I welcome your prayers!  

There is so much I'd like to share, but my brain and my body feels capable of very little these days, so I will attempt to show you some pictures of our progress over the past month or so...

We took the wall down that divided the kitchen from the living room. This immediately opened up the space and everything just felt lighter and brighter!

The floors went down (and I am so happy with them!).  I love the shade of brown. 

What a difference it made to get that carpet up and give everything a seamless look with new flooring.  The flooring we chose is actually a "hardwood" laminate from Lumber Liquidators.  Being a Virginia girl who loves older homes with real hardwood floors, going with laminate was a bit hard for me to swallow at first.  However, it's just what people do out here, and with us planning to sell the house once our time here is through, it didn't make sense financially to pay for real hardwoods when the demand for them just isn't there. 

Philip sprayed the wood beam ceiling in the dining room with our new paint sprayer!  So much better!

Meanwhile, I debated paint colors and nearly lost my mind in the process.  

Not to worry, I protected the wee one in my belly from any potential fumes.  (Breaking Bad, anyone?)

The kitchen prep was finished just in time and then the real madness hit when all of our things got delivered.

In the midst of the chaos, I have tried hard to balance my desire to unpack and get the least bit settled with spending time with my children.  Please don't assume I have done a great job at this.  I am trying though, as I realize things are really going to change when there is a third tiny person in our midst...

This sweet one will be my baby for only a little while longer!  

Moments of sibling joy that I cherish.

Also, there's this.

Just some good old fashioned Mother-of-the-Year material right there.  

I'd like to post some more updates to our kitchen soon, as it's coming together thanks to the hard work of my husband! (here's hoping this baby stays put for a while longer so I can find the time to do so!)  

In the spirit of ending on a pretty note, I'm really pleased I was able to pull together Wade and Holland's room, using things we already owned of course.  Those mirrors are the first things I've hung on the walls, and boy does it feel good to have one room nearly done (at least for now!)  My favorite things are their quilts--each was made by a great- and great-great grandmother of Wade and Holland--how special is that?!  


  1. if i ever get to CA i HAVE to take your photos - so beautiful - you and all your family!

  2. Oh Anne, I am sending calming thoughts your way. Our kitchen is also under an unintended construction at the moment (broken, leaking pipe in the wall. Super.), but I do have the rest of the house generally under order AND I'm not expecting another baby so I feel for you so, so much. Just know, nothing is forever both good and bad. You will have an orderly life again very soon and until then, just enjoy the chaos! Easier said than done, I know : )

  3. Praying for you, lady! And taking notes as we venture into three-child territory come early Feb. Fun that you'll have your own Xmas babe this year-- always a special time for us. House is looking superb--I'm impressed at your stamina this far along in pregnancy (I'm feeling low-capacity at only 8mos!) but I know you're motivated to get those projects done now before newborn fatigue hits. Love the kids' quilts-- and the shot of them on the floor, ha!

  4. I am so impressed. New here, so this is the first post I've read and now I need more of the back story. :)

    Your floors and kitchen ceiling are gorgeous!